Planting trees and wishes

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So happy about this mornings’ planting. There were SO many people who helped make it happen. Old allies and new ones, working together to make our neighborhood even better. Friends from all corners of the metro area, and the documentary film, Plant A Wish, who inspired us to articulate our wishes so they can grow with our trees.

Some of the key people who did the groundwork for our planting came together: Circle K/Key Club, who did our initial treewell survey. Claudia Clemens and Girl Scout Troop 216 who gathered all the permissions from property owners for the trees we planted. Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council who gave important support, especially Mark Reback, who is also a TreePeople Planting Supervisor. Citizen Forester Yuliana Parada. Our horticultural advisor Marcos Trinidad. The TreePeople crew capably led by Michelle Bagnato.

The Eagles Boy Scout Troop 199 and the Arcadia Chinese Association came out to lend a hand. Other local people who love trees, and new friends from the East side, Westside, Eagle Rock and Silver Lake.

Some important people who weren’t there today: Scott Wilson, Rich Monk, Robert Powers, Mike Woodward, David Gustavson, Maggie Lobl, Melissa Guerrero and others– the list is long.

Donations of food and drink from Galco’s, Cinnamon Vegetarian Restaurant, El Arco Iris, Follieros, Starbucks, Coco’s, Dominoes, CVS was a nice way to relax afterward.

It was a great morning. Thanks everyone, for bringing your optimism and energy to our neighborhood.

Photos above by Ricky Lau and Jane Tsong. Stay tuned in weeks to come for more photos from today….



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5 responses to “Planting trees and wishes

  1. Mauricio

    Thanks Jane!

    It was a terrific showing of people, thanks and congrats to all who showed up and helped plant 15 gorgeous trees! There’s much more to do and I’m looking forward to planting more trees in Highland Park.


  2. Tyson

    I’m a little bummed out, I signed up to be a volunteer and I remember seeing something about how everyone would be reminded via email about he approaching day. I never got an email. I would have loved to come plant today.
    Perhaps the event was full but I never heard anything about that either. Hope y’all had fun!

    • Jane Tsong

      yikes, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I remember that during one treepeople event I signed up for in the past, there were some glitches in the email signup system– it sounds like that has happened again. However, the email addresses of people who comment on this website are sent to me, and if you don’t mind, I will put your name on the direct email list for future NELA tree events. There will be many more events, including a big planting next winter. So I hope to see you there…. again, sorry this happened!

  3. Dear Jane,

    Sorry to have missed your great event but was enroute to Malibu. Tell you all about it next. I’m sure there will be additional opportunities under your leadership. Love Scott

  4. Rich Monk

    Hi Jane,

    Congratulations on an event well done. So wish I could have made it, but I was sadly out of commission for the weekend. Great pictures. I can’t wait to make the excursion to York Boulevard to see the trees up close. A quick shout out to the Circle K and Key Clubbers there from the beginning.

    Best regards,

    Rich Monk

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