WANTED: visionary property owners who want to improve our communities

The biggest challenge in getting a planting project off the ground  is in identifying the property owners who have the foresight to understand what an asset trees are to the community. Nothing can happen without their green light, and without their promise to water for the first several years. In many cases, the owner manages the property from afar– finding them requires detective work and a lot of persistence.

Today, I was so thrilled to make phone contact with a property owner I’ve been trying to talk to for years– and even more thrilled that he seemed amenable to taking care of trees on his property. Though he had been planning to pave over the grass on his median strip to reduce maintenance, he was open to the idea of leaving the required treewell area unpaved so the new trees will thrive. His property is situated at the bottom of a gentle hill. I’m hoping his trees will benefit from underground moisture.


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