York Blvd

An initial set of 14 trees were planted in April, 2011. Please help us thank the business and property owners who recognize how trees benefit a neighborhood, and who allowed us to plant in front of their properties:

John Abdalla

Mary Soto Mayor

Lenda Smith

Jesus Serrano 

Torres Construction

Franchise Realty (MacDonalds)

Peregrina Molina

Rodrigo Sanchez

Amberwood Convalescent

Let your favorite business owners know you support shady greener streets.

Species Selection on York:

On York Boulevard, we will continue the tradition of planting London Planes whenever possible. In rare instances where generous parkways meet city requirements for its native cousin, California Sycamore, these may be planted instead. Mexican Plane will also be tested in selected treewells. This tree resembles London Plane and California Plane but with darker green leaves and peeling decorative bark that is richer in color. It is expected to be evergreen on York Boulevard, adding interest in the winter, when London and California Planes are leafless. These three species are all of the genus Platanus: and this fortuitous cultural mix (London/California/Mexican) exemplifies the dynamic character of York Boulevard.

Chitalpa tashkentensis ‘Pink Dawn’ will be planted in locations where there are overhead wires. This tree is a hybrid of the desert native Chilopsis linearis. It has an airy habit and prolific light pink flowers that last from June into October. Chitalpa will be practical where there are conflicts with signage or power lines. It is expected to be a fast growing tree, and very drought tolerant once its roots are deeply established.


2 responses to “York Blvd


    Awesome! I LOVE see more of these wonderful trees here. They really soften the area and it makes the whole place feel more intimate. Perfect, perfect for the site.


    Looks like sign-ups are closed for planting? http://www.treepeople.org/street-planting-5

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